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    Anaerobic reactor


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    My company and the Beijing university of science and technology after a year of in-depth study, for the first time used in military industry, aerospace, defense and other high-end anti-corrosion technology in the field of thermal spraying, after coating formulation optimization, introduced in the field of environmental protection and biogas, assembling can successfully developed the TSA thermal spraying technology.
    The TSA thermal spray tank is assembled by a standard plate thermal spraying anti-corrosion treatment and accessories, assembled anticorrosive coating is composed of aluminum alloy coating and hole sealing agent. Thermal spraying assembled plate by corrosion protection authority "one of the world's three largest corrosion center", to detect the center of Beijing university of science and technology of corrosion and protection. And declare the thermal spraying assembly can of utility model patents, patent no. 201020184671.5, unique technology and quality to achieve a successful technology innovation assembled tank corrosion protection technology of a revolution, become an upgraded version of existing assembled tank, marked the assembled tank anti-corrosion another milestone in the development of technology.
    The TSA 2010 thermal spray cans has been in Inner Mongolia, ningxia, the northeast, guangdong and other places for engineering application, and obtain the user's high praise.
    Thermal spraying assembled tank
    1, the sewage treatment field
    Anaerobic, aerobic reactor (UASB and EGSB, HUSB, SBR, BAF, contact oxidation pool, etc.)
    All kinds of cell body (tank, regulating pool, the buffer pool, clarifier and sludge storage tank, etc.)
    2, solid waste treatment
    Anaerobic fermentation tank (USR, CSTR)
    Wet gas coffer
    3, industrial and agricultural areas
    Fluid material storage
    Dry bulk goods store
    The thermal spraying coating characteristics


    hot spraying technique

    The thermal spraying plate structure


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