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    Industrial Park Waste water treatment


      Accompanied by the development of city and economic, the industrial projects are centralized to the Industrial Park. The development of Chinese industrial park has witnessed three stages, the Economic and Technological Development Zone, High and Innovative Technology Industrial Development Zone -Ecological Industrial Park. And the Industrial Park enterprises group benefits the pollution centralized control and management.

    The characteristics of industry park waste water
    △Huge amount of emissions, a wide range of pollution, the complexity of emissions way

    △The diversity of pollutants, the wide fluctuation of pollutants concentration 
    △Contain some heavy-toxicity pollutants, which will cause great harmfulness
    △Different migration rule of the emissions
    The type of the industry park waste water
    Type Specification Typical industry
    Waste water similar with domestic sewage Mainly the domestic sewage emits from the living areas the product design and development industry, the software industry, the electronics assembly industry
    General industrial sewage (waste) wate
    Don’t use poisonous and harmful chemicals in the process of production
    Be easy to be treated
    textile and knitwear industry, the food industry, the general metals production and processing enterprises
    High concentration sewage (waste) water
    Some industries use the poisonous and harmful chemicals in the process of production
    With high concentration so that difficult to deal with
    alcohol, starch, leather, paper, electroplating, printing and dyeing, fine chemicals


    The method and Technology of waste water treatment
    To construction of sewage treatment plant is the main way to centralized treat the industrial sewage (waste) water for the Industrial Park, this program has four major advantages:
    △To homogenize wastewater quality and quantity, thereby to increase processing efficiency and reduce the difficulty of handling, to reduce unit operating costs of per ton sewage;
    △To improve sewage treatment performance;
    △To choose the reasonably pretreatment according to sewage characteristics, to reduce the cost of processing, while simultaneously fulfill the requirements of the Industrial Park sewage treatment plant;
    △Be beneficial to improve the environmental supervision and management effect, to reduce the environmental enforcement costs.

    To choose suitable pretreatment according to the water quality and characteristics, such as flocculation, the internal electrolysis, electrolysis, adsorption, photo catalytic oxidation, et al, to destruct the refractory organics in the sewage to improve their biodegradability; and then combined with biochemical methods, such as hydrolysis and acidification, SBR and its enhanced process, contact oxidation process, the A / O process, etc.; Finally, to choose the advanced treatment methods according to the requirements of water quality and emission standards.

    Sanyi advantages
    △Nearly 100 sewage (waste) water treatment projects in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, paper industry, beer industry, food industry, dairy industry, single (multi) crystalline silicon industry and the electroplating industry, accumulated a wealth of practical experience;

    △The strong technical support to the company from the universities and research institutes: Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, China Agricultural University, the Design Institute of People's Liberation Army General Armament Department and Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environment Protection;

    △The technology cooperation and know-how transfer with the Chisso Engineering Co., Ltd. of Japan, Krieg& Fischer Ingenieure GmbH of Germany, First Biogas International AG of Switzerland and other well-known international organizations, provide more choices for optimizing the process of sewage (waste) water treatment for the clients;

    △The strong R & D capabilities of the R & D center handled by the company, more than 10 patents in engineering applications shorten the distance between R & D and engineering practices, the innovation of new technologies and products provide the inexhaustible power for company's sustainable development.